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Te Mata Trader

The only trading platform including real time pattern execution. The Platform can trade channels, triangles, Fibonacci and support lines as they break, automatically.

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Browse the Trading Opportunities that are provided by your Trend Providers. These could be from your Broker, specialist technical analysis providers and Autochartist, if your broker is licensed to them. These Trading opportunities are updated every 15 minutes, and provide Channel, Triangles, Fibonacci, Flags, Penants, Pricelines, Wedges.

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Select the best Trading Opportunities and put them in place for real time execution on breakout or within the trading period selected. For example the opening of New York trading for the first two hours.

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The chosen strategies will auto execute when the set parameters are breached, and will be managed in real time for levels such as reverse, stop, trailing stop and take profit.

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Profit or Reverse

Price targets are shown within the platform for most Trading Opportunities, assisting the taking of profits, and the reversing for expected retracement.

After trading the markets for twenty years, Te Mata Trader's creators decided it was time to develop a platform that incorporated how the markets move, not on news events, but on patterns such as Channels, Fibonacci, Triangles, and Wedges. And for those patterns to be executable in realtime.

Our second objective was to include a range of commonly used strategies within the platform, then provide for “holy grail” algorithms, residing in third party software such as Excel and C, to be powered and place orders through Te Mata Trader. 

Thirdly, we wanted multi level functionality so that:

  • Beginners could learn from our research and practice virtually.
  • Teaching institutions could use the platform to certify end users prior to production trading.
  • Private educators could benefit from it's built in flexibility and simplicity.
  • Traders of all levels could easily learn to use it, and become profitable.
What the world has been waiting for!