Te Mata’s trading platforms are feature packed.

Unique to Te Mata Trader are:

1.  Realtime execution on breach of the following chart based drawing objects:
  • Channels.
  • Fibonacci levels.
  • Flags.
  • Pennants.
  • Price lines.
  • Triangles.
2.  The hosting of third party patterns/trends/trading opportunities that can be posted into the platforms, for the end users to adopt for realtime  execution, or not. We are proud to host Autochartists trading opportunities which update as fast as 15 minutes.

3.  All are multi version, the content can be determined by our clients be they brokers or educational organisations. Te Mata supplies two virtual versions, intermediate and advanced; production versions are customised to meet our clients exact needs.

 Additionally all versions:

  • Can be used to trade underlying Assets Class instruments such as deliverable FX for Exporters/Importers, or leveraged OTC derivatives such as CFD’s.
  • Can be offered in demo/virtual mode or production trading.
  • Include up to fifteen years of Historical Price Data, enabling detailed back testing of strategies that automatically produce audit trail results.
  • Provides for comparative backtesting between instruments.
  • Include realtime and delayed charts with all widely accepted technical analysis indicators.
  • Provide realtime risk and account information.
  • Automatically create buy and sell signals that end users can choose to execute or not.
  • Include most well known financial market strategies, and enable other strategies to be added from a host of inbuilt triggers.
  • Permit sequencing of strategies in order and in time periods chosen by end user.
  • Power and execute strategies that reside in third party programmes such as Excel and C.
  • Automatically execute all preset strategies; in realtime when the criteria set by each end user are met.
  • Provide for advanced trading techniques such as overlays.
  • Provide price targets for drawing objects such as Fibonacci and Triangles.
  • Offer trade reverse functionality and auto closing of all trade positions.
  • Include both manual, auto trading and trading directly off the charts.
  • Offer hot keys, for one click trading.
  • Include the ability to select exact trading times, eg start of London session for two hours.

*This is achieved by Te Mata supplying administration backend software enabling brokers/resellers to customise the software for each and every end user of theirs, or groups of them. From the Asset Classes to the strategies they are allowed to use, our client's simply determine the user’s profile and manages permissionings from that point on. This flexibility opens up many opportunities in the financial market space, and in related markets such as Education. Alternatively, Te Mata is prepared to undertake on behalf if its clietns the creation of the versions and the resulting permissioning to the end users.