Te Mata’s benefits are wide ranging

Our wholesale clients benefit by being able to:

  • Create and offer customised versions for their clients.
  • Upgrade their clients to the most modern of platforms.
  • Differentiate themselves from what other brokers offer.
  • Seamlessly utilise their existing infrastructure such as dealing lines, etc.
  • Economise given that Te Mata does not charge up front establishment fees.
  • Directly correspond with their clients by posting trading recommendations to their charts.
  • These benefits, and a myriad of others, will translate into;
  1. Flexibility of client offerings.
  2. Additional clients, both existing from other brokers and new entrants.
  3. Increased trade flow.
  4. Improved client trading results.
  5. More satisfied clients, improving client retention.
  6. Improved client knowledge.

 Our clients end users benefit from being able to:

  • Use a modern platform that fits their knowledge and expertise.
  • Learn easily from and migrate on to other higher versions.
  • Upgrade from basic offerings of other platforms.
  • Choose a subscription that they can afford.
  • Directly receive trading recommendations from their broker.
  • More confidently trade.
  • Improve their trading results.
  • Review with confidence past backtested results.
  • Use a myriad of proven built in strategies, rather than purchase unproven third party ones.
  • View automatically created buy and sell signals that they can choose to execute, or not.
  • Adopt or build sequenced strategies in order chosen by them.
  • Power and execute strategies that reside in third party programmes such as Excel and C.
  • Apply their own drawing objects for realtime execution.
  • Set their strategies in advance of periods to be traded, eg awaiting the opening of London's session.