Corporates with currency exposures such as exporters and importers are offered a wide range of services by Te Mata. Our expertise has been developed over decades of experience in the corporate market at senior levels.

Our services will increase the value of your exports and decrease the cost of your imports, resulting in improved cashflow and profitability with less risk.
Given our background we are an approved service provider under the NZ Regional Business Partner Network and as such can assist local companies from two current schemes:
1. with Cashflow and Financial Management under the Covid-19 Business Advisory Fund. Businesses can access up to $5000: it is 100% funding, no co-funding is required from your company. Full details are here:

2. with Management Coaching and Upskilling under the Management Capability Development Fund. Businesses can access up to 50% of the cost to a maximum of $5000 per year. Full details are here:
Both schemes require companies to firstly undergo an assessment with a Regional Business Partner Growth Advisor. Following approval Te Mata and the company sign an Engagement Letter where the initial step is a Financial Risk Management Questionnaire which is completed by the business and confidentially returned to Te Mata.
On receipt we arrange a time to visit the business premises for an agreed period of time, so there is no disruption through needing to travel, etc.
We review face to face the current cashflow and financial policies of the business and make recommendations for improvements, and supply upskilling knowledge specific to currencies and risk. Inclusive in the Te Mata package is the provision of twelve months supply of:
a) realtime tick by tick currency prices.
b) Microsoft Excel spreadsheets covering cashflow and currency risk exposures.
c) predictive future values of currencies that the company has exposure to.
d) an optional hedging service using derivatives.
e) training in the trading of currencies.