Te Mata is Currenex compliant, which means Currenex clients can immediately use our trading platforms and benefit from the features as exampled below.

There is absolutely no need to change infrastructure in any way, as our platforms seamlessly interface through an additional Currenex login.

All trades mirror into Currenex’s Viking platform, so this can also be used to manage trades originating from Te Mata’s platforms, or as backup in the unlikely event of Te Mata’s services being offline.

Realtime execution on breach of these drawing objects:

  • Channels.
  • Fibonacci levels.
  • Flags & pennants.
  • Triangles.
  • Wedges.
  • Price lines.

Host third party patterns:

  • Trends and Trading opportunities that can be posted into the platforms for the end users to adopt for realtime execution, or not. These opportunities can come from the broker, or from specialist providers such as Autochartist- that Te Mata is already interfaced to!


Multi Version Customisation:

  • Te Mata supplies three base versions, introductory, intermediate and advanced all of which can be customised on request.


And All of Currenex’s benefits continue including:

  • Low-latency connectivity to a range of FX and precious metals.
  • Straight-through-processing to Currenex liquidity pools, allowing brokers to access this liquidity and stream prices to their client base.
  • A liquidity management team whose focus is to seek to optimize liquidity streams, to help better monetize flow.
  • Sophisticated technology enables synchronous (A-Book) and asynchronous (B-Book) hedging capability. It can be configured flexibly across individual pairs, facilitating white label customer's ability to manage market risk.
  • Margin risk management solutions that automate client margin calls and provide a high degree of granularity for managing leverage and client risk.
  • Institutional credit risk management based on a variety of position limits (NOP, aggregated, netted).
  • Currenex trade history, audit trail, analysis of trading patterns and counterparty activity analysis, is easily accessible.
  • Comprehensive books and records solution, including customer statements and a myriad of reports to facilitate internal and external reporting.
  • A suite of STP solutions, that connect Currenex services with back-office systems, to facilitate seamless settlement, workflow, reporting and auditing processes.

Currenex’s website can be found at http://www.currenex.com/