Welcome to what the world has been waiting for!

No other application in the world delivers what the Te Mata platforms provide, specifically:
  • Execution of drawing objects in realtime.
  • Execution of Autochartists patterns in realtime.
  • Execution of broker trading recommendations in realtime.
  • Execution of signals from third parties in realtime.
  • Customisable multi version, from novice to professional.
  • Interfaces with multiple Liquidity Providers.

Drawing Objects Execution

Draw your favourite pattern on the chart; be it a channel, Fibonacci, flag, triangle, wedge or a simple line. Then with a few simple mouse click's apply it for realtime execution on breach.

Opportunities, Signals & Trends

Te Mata provides signals such as long term Trends to all subscribers. It also hosts and executes in realtime all Autochartists patterns, and separately and confidentially others that licensees approve of, be that their own or those of third parties as a Trend Guru.


Price Targets

Te Mata is the only platform that provides price targets for Fibonacci, flags, triangles and wedges. On placing the drawing objects on the chart these targets will immediately appear, perfect for setting take profit or reversing levels/strategies.


Back Testing

Full profit & loss results, backed up by audit trail of all strategies for as far back as the historical data covers; in the instance of Forex, Gold and Silver this is thirty years.

Simply change the default stop/profit/trailing stop parameters and immediately see the altered result per instrument, and as compared to other instruments. Then with a few clicks of the mouse set up your preferred ones to execute in realtime!

Update and browse trends
Apply the trend to the chart
Set the Instrument to trade, & Te Mata auto executes

Additionally our platforms:

  • Power and execute trades from algos and macros.
  • Include scores of strategies and triggers.
  • Include thirty years of historical data.
  • Provide backtesting even while trading live.
  • Automatically compare strategy results with full audit trail.
  • Are fully interfaced to the best of breed back office systems.
  • Are available on Mobile & Server.
  • Can all be white labelled.
  • Are ideal to teach/learn on as they include simulation.
  • Come complete with daily updated XML files for all periods.