As at Sept 2020

Can be customised to requirements of broker/resellerGiven all IP/code is owned by Te Mata
Multiple core versions/featuresEach of the three core versions, Eval/Demo/Production, can be different
Extensive Admin programmeEnables Broker/reseller to create an almost unlimited number of versions/client groups
Fifteen plus years of historical dataFully adjusted depending on the asset class
A variable number of candles can be downloaded for any time frameEnables specific backtesting of strategies
Full backtesting for any strategy/stop loss/trailling etcWith automatic P&L to determine best historic strategy for a pair
Run Comparison to find best performersThis identifies best historic strategy for all pairs
Full audit trail/scan grid downloadable into Excel.For further analysis if required
Can backtest while trading.Frees up time to research other trading opportunities
Extensive range of inbuilt strategiesAll commonly used strategies are offered, each with variable parameters
Some unique strategies are includedDependent on client permissioning
Sequencing includedStrategies can be linked on a single or and/or basis
Additional strategies can be added on requestPersonalising the platform for the end user/s
Powers Microsoft Excel and C based algos/robotsAnd accepts buy/sell commands back for realtime execution
Drawing objects provided for monitoringChannel/FIB/Price line/Triangle breakouts
Trading timesEvery hour of the day can be selected to trade/not trade
Weekly close instructionsTo manage close out or continuation of trades over weekend
Broadcasting of tips/recommendations/adviceBroker/reseller/third party such as Autochartist can send to the user chart based buy/sells with text
Overlay between instruments.One can be overlayed on the other, and the other traded
Formulated channels and trianglesThat auto extend to pivot points
Triangle and FIB targetsBreakout targets are shown for take profit/auto reverse etc
Optional Fib on chartThis can be a permanent or hidden feature displaying FIB both up and down
Colourful HistogramClear visual representation of backtested trades and results
Performance ribbon for historical tradesDisplays results per strategy simply by clicking through them
Non tradeable prices/rates displayFor those instruments that can't be traded but which may impact
Realtime zoom in to any part of chart.This part can be cut/expanded to view with rates updating realtime
Value between rates functionDisplayed in currency of deposit
All Strategies will auto execute in realtime When pre-set parameters are met from within the platform or from Excel/C
Drawing objects also auto execute Channel/FIB/Price line/Triangle breakouts are executed in realtime
Reverse functionEach position can be individually reversed
Panic buttonTo close all open positions should end user/broker decide
Full audit trail/scan grid downloadable into ExcelFor further analysis if required
All limit orders are maintained GTC.No need to cancel/reset on a daily basis
Extensive range of programmable Hot KeysEnd user can select which keybaord keys to use for one click application
Skype/email connectivityDemo and real trades can be relayed to end user using these channels
Imbedded Browser linksTo brokers/resellers web sites and Facebook or permitted others
Designed to run in tandem with sophisticated browser/mobile versionsThat is shortly due for completion
Can display non-tradeable instruments.That can be viewed as to price, but not executable