Banks can benefit from Te Mata’s services in many ways including:

  • Using their own deliverable API to better advantage, by interfacing it to our suite of services, that we can customise and white label for them. So the likes of their exporter and importer clients can use the power of our front end solutions to transact on a 24/5 basis. There is no need for any additional middle or back office technology; our front end services simply interface to what the Bank currently uses.
  • Offering CFD’s to their customer base and meet the competition from Brokers, out to capture banking clients through market deregulation. The range of CFD’s we can offer through our partners is very comprehensive. Both A and B book hedging is available. Naturally the prices are pure realtime with very low latency in execution.
  • Engaging Te Mata to up skill the Banks clientele in trading financial markets through utilising our wide range of training tools, including seminars and webinars.

There is no requirement for hardware investment, we deliver scalable services promptly, saving Banks time and minimising lost opportunities in the rapidly expanding financial market.