For the first time Fund Managers can now power their algos and macros with complete confidence, and at the same time use the execution power of Te Mata’s platform to benefit from drawing object breaches.

This unique combination is only offered by Te Mata!

We also offer Fund Managers a full range of services including suggested instruments to trade, patterns to adopt, time to trade, target levels, etc.

Fund Managers currently powered by Currenex or XOH/XTB can immediately use our services; there is absolutely no need to change their infrastructure in any way as our services seamlessly interface. Please refer to the Currenex and  XOH/XTB Clients above for details. Fund Managers not powered by Currenex or XOH/XTB should seriously consider doing so, as Te Mata can offer Currenex liquidity directly under its partnership with WordWideMarkets. Alternatively we can directly connect to who is supplying the liquidity, for example Integral, but some like providers do not have adequate back office/manager software.

Fund Managers about to enter the Commodities and Forex CFD market should clearly talk to us before committing to other offerings, many of which have remained unchanged for years. The range of CFD's we can offer through our partners is very comprehensive. The prices are pure realtime with very low latency in execution.

There is no requirement for significant hardware investment; we deliver scalable services promptly saving time and minimising lost opportunities.