WorldWideMarkets, a premier provider of the Currenex platform, has chosen to seamlessly interface into Te Mata’s platforms.

One major reason why WorldWideMarkets has chosen to interface with Te Mata’s platforms, is that they execute in realtime, breaches of drawing objects such as;

  •     Channels.
  •     Fibonacci levels.
  •     Flags & pennants.
  •     Price Lines
  •     Triangles.
  •     Wedges.

In the above example, the drawn triangle would have executed on realtime breakout of the lower parameter of the drawn object.
The profitable result is shown in two ways;

1. Visually through the blue histogram below the chart, and;

2. In text at the bottom left of the chart; one trade for a profit of 142 pips.

The horizontal red line on the chart is the indicative time before which the breach should occur.
Top and bottom targets are also provided with the platform, significantly aiding end users risk and reward management.
All Commodities and Forex trades mirror into Currenex’s Viking platform. This can be also used to manage trades originating from Te Mata’s platforms. Viking can also be used as backup in the unlikely event of Te Mata’s services being offline.
All of Currenex’s benefits to WorldWideMarkets continues unaffected.
Institutional clients of WorldWideMarkets powered by Currenex, should simply contact Worldwidemarkets Client Support, to obtain a separate Currenex login and then download the Te Mata platform as advised by Te Mata.
Retail clients of Worldwidemarkets using other platforms, who wish evaluate the power of Te Mata’s platforms, should also contact WorldWideMarkets Client Support. Alternatively they can directly contact Te Mata mentioning they are a WorldWideMarkets client.
All interested end users will be offered a two week evaluation period, but inexperienced ones will be required to undertake introductory webinars which in some instances incur charges.
In the near future Te Mata’s platforms will also be powered by WorldWideMarkets own API, which includes a wide range of tradable instruments not available through Currenex, for example Indices.
WorldWideMarkets is a supervised and regulated by the United Kingdom’s Financial Conduct Authority and the British Virgin Islands’ Financial Services Commission.
Their website can be found at