Welcome to the only platform in the world that can execute in realtime the breakout of Autochartist’s patterns!

Te Mata is delighted to make available this unique service covering Emerging Patterns from Autochartist for Forex, Gold, and Silver for all their time periods from four hours down to and including fifteen-minute charts.

All Emerging Patterns such as Channels, Fibonacci, Flags, Pennants, Triangles and Wedges can be automatically executed on real time breach.

As exampled below, a sample of current Emerging Patterns is provided within the Te Mata platform for easy review and or adoption. Any pattern not in the sample can be physically overlaid on the chart and put in place for realtime execution on breakout.

Additionally the end user can create and apply their own patterns for execution on breakout.

Targets are provided for all except Channel breakouts, and within our platform strategies are provided to take profit or auto reverse at these target levels on an immediate or wait basis.

If your brokerage is powered by liquidity supplied through Currenex or Gold-i then our service is immediately available to you and your clients. No change is needed to your infrastructure our platform seamlessly interfaces to your existing arrangements including back-office managers.

Better still, your existing license with Autochartist covers our service so there is no additional cost to you from Autochartist.

We charge brokers or their end users a subscription to our service which is by negotiation dependent on required patterns and features of our platform. Indicatively these range from US$199 a month per subscriber.

Recent examples of Autochartist patterns that have broken and would have been executed in realtime by the Te Mata platform include:

Channel from AutoChartist - Executed By Te Mata for a profit of 213 pips
Triangle from AutoChartist - Executed by Te Mata for a profit of 100 pips
Rising Wedge from AutoChartist - Executed By Te Mata for a profit of 100 pips

So go ahead, contact us for a no obligation quote and trial; to what no one else offers!

Autochartist has over 150,000 clients accessing their Financial Market Analysis each month, and are leaders in their field with proven results. Te Mata is delighted to be able to offer their patterns for realtime execution.